Last Updated: Aug 17, 2017

The course is cross-listed and can be taken as either ENGL 2703 or THFM 2703!
Thanks to Scheduling for moving us to a larger room!

Most of our classes are filling fast but there are still some available seats in the following Winter courses:



  • THFM 2601-001 Costuming
    • The basics of costuming for theatre - another hands-on practical course that could help you expand your wardrobe!
    • This course is now full but you may join the waiting list.

  • THFM 2803-002 Lighting and Sound in Production
    • Hands-on and practical experience working on a production.
    • Recommended for film and technical theatre students. No prior experience needed.
    • Section 001 in fall is full but there are still seats in Winter section 002

  • THFM 3802-001 Stage Management
    • Get the behind the scenes perspective on rehearsals and live performances from an active professional!
    • This course is taught by the stage manager of the largest musical in Winnipeg this summer: Mama Mia!



  • THFM 2011 Ensemble Choral Practicum
    • Interested in Choral Singing - this is your course!

  • THFM 2501 Mime and Improv
    • Actors: Connect body to intention in the moment... or just be fun at parties!
    • This course is now full but you may be the first on the wait list

  • THFM 2701 Playwriting I
    • Required course for the playwriting stream but available to all senior theatre students.
    • Taught by Brian Drader, a published local playwright and a Govenor General's nominee for playwriting.
    • There is still one seat remaining as of the date of this update.

  • THFM 2801 Theatre Production I
    • If you want to actually work on productions, this is the course. Hands-on, fun and no prior experience necessary.
    • Only 7 seats left in this course.
    • Note: sections 001 and 002 are offered at the same time and there is now difference between them.



  • THFM 2703/3 & ENGL 2703/3- Play Analysis
    • Pre-Req: None. Meets the Humanities requirement.
    • Space available in both the ENGL and THFM sections.

  • THFM 3401/3 - Theatre History III (Modern)
    • Pre-Req: None. Can be used to meet the dramatic studies requirement for a theatre degree.
    • Meets the Humanities Requirement.
    • Only 8 seats left at the date of this update


Visit our Course Outlines Page for detailed information about the above.


Declare your Major!
Online student planning won't work properly unless your have declared your major
along WITH a specified area of study such as film, acting, production, directing, etc.
See a student advisor to declare your major!

On a Waitlist?
Check Webadvisor and your UW E-mail regularly for updates!
You must respond within 3 days to waitlist invitiations!
After Sept 5, admission from wait lists will be entirely up to the course instructor
and so students are advised to attend the first class to speak with the professor.

Please note
All Special Studies, Practicum and Topics courses require departmental permission
but this is automatic for students with the pre-requisite or equivalent.
Interested students should call 204-786-9955 or e-mail the departmental advisor
for information on a specific course.

Film Students!
Remember: An Intro Theatre course (THFM 1001 OR THFM 1002) is required if you intend to major in film.

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