Mar 7, 2018


Don't forget our final Honours Acting Class presentation of
Time and the Conways

The Rest of the Rabbit graphic coming soon


Directed by Claire Borody


An ensemble public exercise conceived and developed by the

Honours Devised Theatre Class


Wed, Mar 21 - Fri, Mar 23 at 8pm
Sat, Mar 24 at 7pm

Asper Centre for Theatre and Film
400 Colony Street

Admission is free but reservations are suggested.

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The Rest of the Rabbit
is an eight person ensemble piece exploring fate, destiny, chance and choice as defining elements in the shaping of human experience.

Notions of fate and destiny have been part of the human condition throughout the ages. Are we destined for a particular life from the moment we enter the world? Is fate inescapable? Is there a more rational explanation for the way the world operates based upon the belief that we are the sum total of the choices we make? Is there the serendipity of chance - moments in life without rational or mystical explanation?

The title of the performance piece was generated by members of the ensemble and is intended to convey the following:

“When thinking about one’s destiny, it is easy to get stuck in the cliché. An image of a crystal ball, an old woman in a tent, a lucky rabbit’s foot. The rest of the rabbit is the world beyond the cliché. A look at the dark, wounded, and weird world beyond the black and white notion of lucky and unlucky. A rabbit’s paw is a token of good luck for whomever holds it.

Try telling that that to the rabbit.”
(DT Ensemble 2018)

Recommended for mature audiences - adult situations.

Reservations are suggested to ensure space will be available for you!

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