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At the University of Winnipeg

Starting in 2001-02, the Department of Theatre and Film added a new emphasis on acting for film and video.

It is important to recognize that stage acting is almost universally recognized as the best training medium for ALL actors. Look at the career of your favourite movie star and nine times out of ten you will find that he/she trained in stage acting. Once you have become adept at acting in the theatre, you can shift to film acting fairly easily. The reverse is not necessarily true. And to succeed in this business, all actors need to be able to perform in both media.

However, in Manitoba currently there are far more acting jobs available in the area of film than there have been in the past, and students are increasingly focusing on careers in film. Our Department has therefore decided to take a number of steps to make sure our acting students are properly prepared for the film medium.

83.2101/6 Acting Theory and Practice, the 2nd-year course required of all acting Majors and Honours students, has a new section introducing film acting.

83.3110/6 Screen Acting, a 6-credit hour course at the 3rd-year level, focuses on the special problems of film acting and the role of the actor in the filmmaking process. This course may be taken instead of 83.3101/6 Acting III: General by students seeking a 3-year degree whose study area within the Major is acting. Beginning in 2002-03, students in this course will have the opportunity to work with students in 83.3310/6 Filmmaking II on short film projects.

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