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At the University of Winnipeg

Students in our Theatre Program qualify for a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major (three years = 90 credit hours/15 full course equivalents, or FCEs) or Honours (four years = 120 credit hours/20 FCEs) in Theatre. There are six “areas of study” available including acting and directing, design, drama in education, filmmaking, playwriting, and stage management and production; and we have now introduced studies in musical theatre to our offerings. We also have a Dance Program Stream associated with our department.

Students may Major in Theatre as interest and course availability dictates, although we recommend that they maintain at least a C average in their theatre courses if they plan to Major with us.

The University has specific regulations for entering the Honours program, which takes 120 credit hours to complete and which is generally considered to be the way to go if you are a serious student of theatre. Students must maintain a 3.0 (B) average in the Honours subject (in this case Theatre) and a 2.5 (C+) average in courses outside the Theatre Department to enter and remain in the Honours Program.

An audition is required for entry into 83.4131/12 Acting III: Honours, the core course in our Honours program.

Our program is growing and it is sometimes necessary to restrict enrolment in our 3rd- and 4th-year Honours Acting courses and occasionally in other senior courses. The decisions which determine who gets into courses which are over-subscribed are made by a committee and are based on grades, an audition, and professionalism.) In order to get a degree you must also meet several university requirements (12 credit hours in Humanities; 6 credit hours in Science; a distribution requirement of five different subject areas; and a minimum of 3 credit hours in Academic Writing, unless you are exempt) and specific departmental requirements (an "area of study"; Theatre History I; and Canadian Drama. Honours students must also take Theatre Aesthetics). We have a "tiered" registration system which gives priority registration to those closest to graduation. First-year, first-time students register at a specific, designated time prior to all other registrations.

Each year we offer a complete season of theatrical productions available free to the public, as well as the Annual Student Film Festival in late April, which showcases the work of our filmmaking students. To get on our e-mail or snail mail list, fill out the form at the bottom of this linked page.

Questions? Call the Department office at (204) 786-9955 or e-mail PATTY HAWKINS.

Let us introduce you to the exciting worlds of theatre and film!

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