Last updated: June 2006

At the University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg has an excellent Education program offering both a five-year integrated B.Ed. degree and a two-year after degree in Education. In the Department of Theatre and Film we offer an area of study in Drama in Education both as a complement to the B.Ed. program, and as a stand-alone stream for students who wish to teach drama in a variety of venues.

The Drama in Education course (83.3502/6) is the capstone course in a sequence of study that prepares the student to teach drama. It undertakes a survey of the major approaches to the use of dramatic and theatrical techniques in the field of education and deals both with the teaching of theatre and drama as an art and a craft (i.e. how to teach drama in the schools) and with the use of drama as a means to deepen and enrich the studentsí understanding of themselves and the world (i.e. how to use drama to teach other subjects, such as history). Ongoing consideration will be placed on drama across the school curriculum. The skill development, theories and techniques will be applicable to school and non-school settings.

Our Drama in Education area is popular not only with students working towards their Bachelor of Education degree -- those who wish to teach in the public school system -- but also with those who intend to go on and teach drama in community centres, in programs associated with regional theatres throughout Canada, and in a variety of other settings.

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