Last updated: June 2018

At the University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg, in partnership with Winnipeg’s renowned School of Contemporary Dancers, is pleased to offer a unique and innovative program in Dance. Our joint program allows dance students in the School of Contemporary Dancers Senior Professional Program to register concurrently at the University of Winnipeg and apply both their dance courses and university courses for credit towards a university degree.

Students who pursue this program are generally those who are serious about a dance career, but want the added credentials of a University Degree. The real advantage, of course, is that you can get university credit for your dance courses. Note, however, that in addition to taking dance courses, you must meet the university's requirements for graduation with either a B.A. or a B.A. (Honours). Dance students often pursue the Honours degree because as many as 78 credit hours (13 full course equivalents) out of the 120 required (20 full course equivalents) can be from the Dance Program Stream; Theatre courses are considered to be from a different department. This means that a minimum of 42 credit hours (7 FCEs) must come from courses outside the Dance Program Stream but some of these can be from the Theatre Department.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be eligible for this program, students MUST first audition for and be registered in the Senior Professional Program at the School of Contemporary Dancers.

If you are still interested, please contact Faye Thomson or Odette Heyn-Penner (Co-Principals) or Charlene Melvin(their Assistant) at the School of Contemporary Dancers:

204-452-1239 or e-mail

Auditions are required for entrance into the Senior Professional Program at Winnipeg's School of Contemporary Dancers. Faye or Charlene can make those arrangements with you.

Immediately upon acceptance to the Senior Professional Program, please apply for admission to the University of Winnipeg.

Questions? Call the Department office at (204) 786-9955 or e-mail us anytime.

Consider dancing for life!

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