Congratulations Shelagh!

Astral Media Canada has licensed the film ONE NIGHT directed by Professor Shelagh Carter from the Canadian Film Centre for broadcast on the MOVIE NETWORK. Specific broadcast dates have yet to be announced.

In February 2010 the film was purchased for broadcast by Canwest Broadcasting.

In July 2010 the film was further honoured by selection for the 16th International Short Film Festival in Drama, Athens, Greece.

In 2008 The Canadian Film Centre in Toronto, founded by renowned Canadian director Norman Jewison, invited Professor Carter to participate in an exclusive workshop intensive to develop film projects along with only a handfull of other Canadian professionals. At the conclusion of that workshop her project was chosen for development by the Centre with $250,000 in production support. With the support of the University of Winnipeg, Professor Carter directed and completed the film ONE NIGHT in the summer of 2009.

The Distance From Here - Univeristy of Winnipeg, 2007
Directed by Shelagh Carter
University of Winnipeg, 2007

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