3801/3807 Production Operations:
Student Downloads and Resources

Sept 10, 2018


NOTICES: (Most recent are bolded)

  •    Computer Labs will begin after Fall reading week in room 1C16B
    Please remember to CLAIM your ID in advance so that you can use the computers in the lab. You should also, bring a thumb drive if you wish to save work in progress.

  • In second term all 3801 students will meet in the props shop on Thursdays only (not Tuesdays) beginning Thu, Jan 10 in the regularly scheduled time slot (11:30-12:45).

  • Production Related Notices (for those in 3801):

    • Please note the the first production of the season will be A Midsummer Night's Dream
      The first production meeting will take place on Mon, Oct 22 at 12:30 in 4C83. Please plan to attend.

    • The second production of the season will be Arcadia by Tom Stoppard
      Scripts have been ordered: Check with the bookstore in early October.

    • All Production II students must have an access card to provide after-hours use of the building during the rehearsal period as well as available lab and production spaces.

    • Email will be our primary means of general communication for the productions. All 3801 students must have an email address. Emails should normally be in plain text so you should turn OFF the enhanced text HTML features in your email program or browser.

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