2801/2803 Production
Student Resources

Dec 3, 2018


  • The FINAL EXAM for THFM 2803-001 Fall students is currently scheduled for: 1:30 Wednesday, Dec 5 in 3C33.
    There is no December exam for THFM 2801 students.

  •  Sound Test Results have been emailed to 2803 students as of Nov 30, 2018.

  •   Remember: Everyone is called for the strike at the Theatre Sat, Dec 1 at 9:30pm

  •   BABCOCK'S OPTIONAL INTERVIEW TIMES for Fall 2801 & 2803 have now been posted.
          These are optional but cluck here to Book Interviews Online

  • Students from the FAll lighting sections of 2801 and 2803 who wish to get additional practice working with lights are invited to assist with the Hang and Focus for ARCADIA.

    Lighting calls will be ON CAMPUS at the Asper Centre Theatre, Fri Feb 1 - Sun, Feb 3. Times will vary on these days but you may attend any one or more that you might be available for. Anyone interested can let me know by email and I will be happy to provide more detail.